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Darrington Flood  Oct. 20, 2003

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Historic 1930's era Hand Drawn Map of Darrington area by Nels Bruseth

Spelling For the New Millennium


Are Glaciers Receding on Glacier Peak?


Crosscut Saw Filing Tools and Sharpening


Prevent Birds from crashing into your window!


Quote of the Day

Muscovites continue to buy (and steal,and salvage, and order on eBay in North America, and ship to Finland) more cars than [Mayor] Luzhkov can build roads to drive them on.

From "Stuck" by Keith Gessen, New Yorker , August 2, 2010


Math Lesson of the Day:

   Lesson One:

In the spirit of Bertrand Russell's Barber Paradox, George's Healthy Life Paradox:
Moderation in all things, including Moderation.

Lesson Two:
What if every adult in China and India owns a car and starts driving in a way comparable to every licensed driver in the U.S.?

Times Up:  You get a wonderfully huge middle class.  You also also end up with  no place left to stick your head in undisturbed sand.



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