Bicycle Routes near and around Darrington


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Whitehorse Trail A 27 mile gravel path following the historic railroad line Between Darrington and Arlington.  Only 6 miles of this route is officially open, connecting Darringon and Swede Heaven Road.


Squire Ck Road Loop  This 6 mile loop goes through mixed forest near a beaver pond and with close views of Jumbo and Whitehorse Mts.


North Mt. Scenic Climb  A steep 5 mile climb gaining 1600 feet with great views to the south.


Bridge to Nowhere  A 14 mile loop through mixed forest and river areas with some steep climbs.


Nowhere to Bridge  A route that explores south of HWY 530 between Darrington and the Whitehorse store.  8.65 miles of trails, highway, and DNR roads that can be linked with other routes to make a variety of loops.


Gold Hill Loop  A 24 mile loop with gradual climbs and views of Sauk River valley.  An alternate section is steeper climbing and goes over Gold Hill.



State route HWY 530 intersects many of these routes and has several places with bus stops for Community Transit Route 230 which can carry two bicycles.