GeorgeŐs Commuter Bike

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For forty years I have been very fortunate to be able to get to work and run local errands more often by bike than by any other means.  I have lived in many places, and varied climates.  My bikes have been a reflection of my route, my age, the climate, my work demands, and my evolving obsessions with gadgets.  Here is my latest assemblage:



Bell and Odometer



á      Generator Hub and full time lights.  My work and errands can be day or night.  I live above the 48th parallel and night comes early in the winter.  I want a light that is like what I get on a car, it always comes on, and I donŐt have to think about charging batteries or if it will work.  It always flashes, and I can flip a switch and it is a steady light and flashing taillights.  I get extra visibility day or night.  The batteries charge all the time, and I can recharge batteries for camera and GPS on long trips.



á      Step through frame.  The basket makes swinging my leg over the seat really hard and I like the ease of the step through frame.



á      Internal gear hub.  The Nuvinci hub is clean and simple and makes adjusting the pedal effort, well, effortless.  I am not wearing out chains and sprockets like I did with the 18 speed derailleur setup.



á      Upright seating and cushy seat.  In city traffic, I want to be upright, relaxed, and see around easily.



á      Cargo box and waterproof bag.  For groceries and small work items, this is ideal, easy to balance, and works well in the wet climate of a Pacific Northwest mountain town.



á      Full wrap fenders.  With a rain cape and these long fenders, I can stay dry and comfortable in light rain or short spurts of heavy rain.  When the rain really blows, I get off the road.



á      Customized shock.  I have wrist problems and like a soft ride.  I took these shocks apart and remade the insides to get a soft ride and the length of travel that suits my weight.



á      26-inch wheels and medium fat tires.  These wheels give me the widest range of inexpensive tires choices, and keep the overall bike height and frame dimensions an inch or so lower.  My over-kill fork system puts the bike a little high, but the 26-inch wheels offset some of the height my forks have added.  This bike came with 700C wheels and no shock and I changed that.



á      Disc Brakes.  This is an experiment.  With wheel rim brakes I go through pads and wear out wheels with some regularity.  I got tired of the dirty rims, so I am trying the disc brakes.  With the combination of the internal drive hub and disc brakes, fixing flats is a bit more complicated, so there is a trade off.  Ask me again in a couple of years which I think is better.



á      Chain Guard.  I would like the chain to stay clean and also not get me dirty.  See my page on the energy wasted by a dirty chain.