Save a Bird!

In fact, save lots of bird

Here is a simple idea that prevents birds from crashing into large windows at your home.

For several years my wife and I have tried numerous ideas to try to stop the regular collisions that were occurring when birds of all types were flying into our living room window, usually causing the poor bird's demise.  We tried silhouettes, statues of hawks and owls, hanging things inside the window, keeping curtains closed, and nothing seemed to stop the frustrating carnage.  While sitting in the yard I could see that in many light conditions our large window makes a perfect mirrors showing an illusive vista to a tree shaded yard.  A perfect place the poor unsuspecting bird would try to fly.

Then I got the idea to hang a simple netting from the eve of the roof.  The netting changes the view so birds have something to clue them that the space is not open.  The netting hangs far enough from the window so that on the now rare occasion when a bird does fly into the netting, the netting cushions the impact and prevents actual injury to the bird from the window.  The bottom of the netting is weighted with a light bamboo pole, and that absorbs the impact.  Birds have never gotten tangled in the netting, one fear I wondered about, but was pleased with the result.  The view from inside the house is almost unchanged by the netting.  Even using binoculars to enjoy birds in the yard, the view is clear.  After a short time we forget the netting is even there until a visitor notices enough to ask.

My back or the envelope calculations predict that a million birds a year could be saved if even a small percentage of people with windows like ours tried this idea.

The netting product I used is designed to drape over fruit trees and keep birds from getting at the fruit.  It is very inexpensive, and probably available at any garden supply or hardware supply.  We bought ours at the neighborhood hardware.

There is probably some challenge to installing this strategy, so I share the caveat that using ladders or climbing on the roof can be perilous.  I certainly do not! want any person getting injured trying to save a bird; that's not the idea.

Give it a try, or share the idea.  

One sample of the product:   

netting package
A view from the side showing how the net hangs.
side view

ps:  OK, I admit, despite what I wrote on the photo at the right, I do not know what a bird sees.

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This is a bird's view flying toward our window:
what the bird used to see

This is what a bird sees now:

bird view with netting installed