Darrington Flood 10-20-03
Views of trail problems in Glacier Peak Wilderness.
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Latest information about the flood repairs at the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie web stite
Pacific Crest Trail Association web site
Views during the flood
Bridget near bridge out  at Whitechuck boat launch
Whitechuck boat launch durring flood
Looking upstream from doomed Whitechuck bridge
Whitechuck and Sauk confluence during flood

Views along the Whitechuck road and trail
Whitechuck road at 1.8 mi.
Whitechuck road at 2.6 miles
Whitechuck bridge after flood
The "Beach" on the Whitechuck trail
missing switchbacks on the Whitechuck trail
scrambling to find a trail on the Whitechuck
More route finding on the Whitechuck

On the North Fork Sauk trail
At work building a new trail

Along the Suiattle River Trail
remains of Milk Creek Bridge on the Suiattle
Another view of the iron bridge remains
Rocks and rootwads on the Suiattle trail
Tree slide problem on the Suiattle
A long section of missing trail at about 2 miles

Views on the PCT
PCT looses bridge and trail over Ledford creek

PCT south of Milk Creek
Another PCT problem south of Milk Creek
PCT at Milk Creek a panoramic composition
PCT at Milk Creek showing damaged bridge
PCT at Vista creek, panoramic composition
PCT at Suiattle where the bridge used to cross
Baekos Creek created a new channel
Sitkum Creek, there was a bridge here, and a creek?
A little farther on there is a pile of rocks, but still no Sitkum Creek
One hundred yards away, ah, here is Sitkum Creek!
Another place where Sitkum abandoned its former location
Sitkm used to seem like a small tree shade creek. No more!
Sitkum Creek created a nice new view of Black Mt.
Kennedy Creek is now a difficult descent to a tricky ford
PCT bridge is gone across the Whitechuck canyon
Another view of the missing PCT bridge over falls on the Whitechuck River
The bridge is now part of the falls on the Whitechuck canyon
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